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(Really) Old Video Game Review: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Star Wars is a franchise many love and hold dear to their hearts (well… at least the original trilogies).  After watching Star Wars on VHS (yes, I am pretty old), then watching the re-released specials in the theaters, I always wanted to be apart of the best thing about Star Wars, the space battles.  Now, many probably like the idea of using the lightsaber more, but seriously…it’s just a light up sword.  The space battles amazed me, like how the opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan amazed me.  There was just chaos, but it wasn’t just any chaos, it was beautiful.  I wanted to be immersed in that chaos and that is what Factor 5 (the developers) allowed me to do.  Star Wars: Rogue Squadron was released on December 7, 1998 on the Nintendo 64 and brought the world one of THE best Star Wars games, ever.

Ewoks are better at taking the AT-ST’s out.

Story was about the Rogue Squadron team taking on various missions throughout the Star Wars universe.  The Rogue Squadron is a bunch of elite Rebel space pilots, who are tasked to do the impossible.  From assaulting various Imperial camps to protecting or collecting a valuable person, the Rogue Squadron is sent to deal with enemies of all shapes and sizes. Many of the missions are based off the Star Wars books.  Of course it would be ridiculous if Factor 5 just put in the only three space battles in the Star Wars (original) Trilogy.  So, expanding the game with books was one way to not only lengthen the game, but also put in an interesting story line.  To this day, I don’t know anything about the Star Wars universe (except the movies) to this day, but the game still had a great way explaining the various plot points in the Star Wars universe. Continue reading