the last of us

(Slightly) Old Video Game Review: The Last of Us (PS3)

Let’s get the obvious out of the way and say I am way too late to the party on reviewing The Last of Us.  You’re right, but remember the name of the game here is reviewing old video games after all and technically, it’s an old video game.  Alright, with that all said let’s move on to what’s more important, my view on the highly critical game of the year of 2013 (if you’re interested on reading another damn review on this game).

Naughty Dog has only given gamers magic since the original Playstation – like Pixar before they started rehashing every franchise they have.  With hits like Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, and Uncharted, they were on a roll with unbelievable – if not near-perfect – franchises.  The Last of Us announcement got everyone excited because Naughty Dog was going back into uncharted (Get it? No…? Damn.) waters with a new IP.  It’s been years since they have come up with something new, but again high expectations and critical success can only mean another perfection for the gaming community.  I have only played the single-player campaign and not the multiplayer mode, so the review is only about the single-player campaign.

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kingdom hearts

(Really) Old Video Game Review: Kingdom Hearts

This isn’t the first time Square Enix took another franchise (Square also took Nintendo’s beloved plumber to new heights in Super Mario RPG) and made a really good game out of it.  Taking Disney’s characters and making a role playing game (RPG) was a huge step not only for Square Enix, but for Disney as well.  Disney was never really successful at making games, yeah…there were a few “hidden” gems, but notice the emphasis on the word hidden, you had to search long and hard (ha ha…that’s what she said, now get over it) to find a good Disney game.  The team up with Square Enix and Disney however, paid off and it was all thanks to its first collaboration game, Kingdom Hearts.  It was released on the PS2 on March 28, 2002.

Kingdom Hearts wasn’t your average RPG, it was set on a third-person perspective and played more like an action game with some elements of an RPG and you controlled one character named Sora.  You had other characters in your party like Goofy and Donald Duck, but they were computer controlled.  There was another section of the game where you controlled a “Gummi Ship” (where do these names come from!?!) where it was like a rail shooter (like Raiden), but was pointless and very boring, easily the worst part of the game and whoever thought to implement this idea in this game should have been fired.  The RPG elements were mostly about leveling your character and upgrading his stats and nothing really more.  This game was a new direction for Square Enix at the time and it worked really well.

Alice in Wonderland? Dude…I must be high…

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