Guitar Hero

(Really) Old Video Game Review: Guitar Hero

As a kid I always would pretend that I’m an awesome rock star by playing the air guitar.  I would rock my head back and forth and throw some rock signs in the air to appease the imaginary crowd. Flash forward about 10 years and my dreams of becoming a rock star came true (sort of). Harmonix, brought the music rhythm genre to a whole new level with Guitar Hero to the gaming world. Released back in November 8, 2005, the world learned how to be rock stars and play some of the greatest rock songs of all time in their living room.

The guitar peripheral that came with the game is what made this game.  In fact, Guitar Hero wasn’t even the first game to even use a toy guitar as a controller.  Konami released Guitar Freaks before Guitar Hero even came out.  However, it was rarely seen in the arcade scene and never got the publicity as Guitar Hero did.  Guitar Hero came with a Gibson SG model controller that allowed you to rock out to one of the best soundtracks of all time in a video game.  The plastic controller wasn’t a big, cumbersome toy.  It actually was a well made controller that lets you bash on the buttons and “strum” the controller to extreme extents.  Playing at higher difficulty levels will require you to use and abuse the guitar controller, but it can take one hell of a beating if you ask me.

johnny napalm

Air guitar is a thing of the past.

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