(Slightly) Old Video Game Review: Infinity Blade (iOS)

Here comes another mobile game review.  Infinity Blade is an old game for mobile phones, but one of the games which convinced me about mobile games becoming a serious contender against handheld games.  Infinity Blade, developed by Chair Entertainment, dropped onto the iOS on December 9, 2010 and made me consider getting the iPhone just for this game (but I didn’t, I got the Samsung Galaxy S4).  I’m sad Infinity Blade was not released on the Android platform because every gamer needs to experience Infinity Blade.

The gamer starts out as a warrior who sets out to defeat an evil tyrant.  You set upon his castle and fight your way through all his minions, collect items, gain experience points, and face the main baddie himself.  The game is relatively short, but that’s just one play-through.  Infinity Blade brought gamers a different concept that works wonders for mobile/handheld specific games.  Spoiler ahead!  Skip to the next paragraph if you never played Infinity Blade before.  Okay, it’s not that much of a spoiler, but the gameplay requires you to play through the same game over and over again, until you beat the main boss.  The game recycles your dead character into a “descendant” of the original character you had, hence the player fights through the castle again.  Technically, you can beat the game on one try, but since you are new at the game…that is highly doubtful unless you just have a immense talent for playing games.  There are also two endings you can make at the end of the game, but I won’t spoil it that much for you.

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the last of us

(Slightly) Old Video Game Review: The Last of Us (PS3)

Let’s get the obvious out of the way and say I am way too late to the party on reviewing The Last of Us.  You’re right, but remember the name of the game here is reviewing old video games after all and technically, it’s an old video game.  Alright, with that all said let’s move on to what’s more important, my view on the highly critical game of the year of 2013 (if you’re interested on reading another damn review on this game).

Naughty Dog has only given gamers magic since the original Playstation – like Pixar before they started rehashing every franchise they have.  With hits like Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, and Uncharted, they were on a roll with unbelievable – if not near-perfect – franchises.  The Last of Us announcement got everyone excited because Naughty Dog was going back into uncharted (Get it? No…? Damn.) waters with a new IP.  It’s been years since they have come up with something new, but again high expectations and critical success can only mean another perfection for the gaming community.  I have only played the single-player campaign and not the multiplayer mode, so the review is only about the single-player campaign.

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star wars

(Slightly) Old Video Game Review: Tiny Death Star (Android)

Star Wars is making a comeback!  No really, they are starting to rise past the failure of the “prequels” and are starting a new sequel trilogy soon (like any of you didn’t know about that).  How should we pass the time until then…hmmm….  How about a Star Wars game!  A new Star Wars game you ask?  Not entirely new, but a mobile game called, Tiny Death Star is available on Android and iOS phones.  Tiny Death Star is a fun little sim that is one of the cutest versions of Star Wars ever presented.  I play this game way too much.  It’s a great time waster.  The funny thing is, time is the main point of the game.  You will be waiting a lot.  It gets annoying at first, but once you start building your awesome 8-bit Death Star, there is no turning back…

The main idea of this game is to build all the levels in your Death Star.  You are provided with an elevator to help with the building process and transporting “bitizens” – the people who hire/roam/customers the death star – or VIPs to each level.  Gaining Imperial coins and Imperial Bucks (which will be a rarity) will help you build more levels and gain access to more money and “bitizens”.  Imperial coins are the main source of spending for building levels.  Imperial Bucks helps speed the process of obtaining levels and products to sell for your levels quickly, but they should be mainly spent on secret characters or gaining faster elevators that increase the speed and amount of “tip” you get from the bitizens that arrive in it.  You will need to save a lot of Imperial Bucks to obtain the fastest elevator.

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tomb raider

(Slightly) Old Video Game Review: Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider brought a woman into a man’s world.  An adventurous and dangerous protagonist, who would shoot her way to victory.  The first Tomb Raider also brought one of the earliest forms of cosplay with Lara Croft.  A big-breasted woman, wearing a tank top and some short, shorts while duel-wielding pistols.  I don’t know exactly if specifically Tomb Raider started to ruffle the feathers of feminists, but it definitely helped bring the word sexy to video games.  Over the years however, the game became dull and Lara Croft getting hotter.  But that doesn’t mean Tomb Raider was doing something spectacular, actually it was worse than mundane.  Eidos was losing touch with their Tomb Raider fanbase.  You know what the worst part of that is?  It was potentially putting Lara Croft as an afterthought in the video game industry.  Eventually, Square Enix picked up the rights to Tomb Raider and put all the pressure in the world onto Crystal Dynamics to revive the Tomb Raider franchise.  Thankfully, Crystal Dynamics not only revitalized the Tomb Raider name, but boldly rebooted the series.  The result?  Welcome back, Lara Croft.  You are relevant in the gaming world once again.

lara croft

No time for rest.

Crystal Dynamics did something Eidos wouldn’t have thought of doing.  Changing the entire look and persona of Lara Croft.  No more sexy killer with an adrenaline for adventure. Nope, Lara Croft became a simple, reserved girl who was helping her friends track down mythical history.  A girl who gets dirty, injured, broken, battered, bruised, and scarred both emotionally and physically.  The story starts you off on a ship looking for the mysterious island called Yamatai.  An ancient island lost to the pages of history.  No one knew of the island, let alone its inhabitants.  The myth piqued the interest of Lara and her friends.  To find a discovery and make a whole TV series out of it.  However, they have to cross what is called the Dragon’s Triangle (something like the Bermuda’s Triangle, but near Japan) and survive the horrors that have plagued the sea.  And…from there you can pick up the game and play to see what adventures you get with the new Lara Croft.  The story reminds me of the Uncharted series, which is definitely not a bad thing at all. Continue reading


(Slightly) Old Game Review: Puzzle Craft (iOS/Android)

When it comes to mobile gaming, the first thing that comes to my mind is the GameBoy. But we are in 2013, and mobile games have taken a new meaning.  Smartphones have become the largest market for mobile gaming; which is not surprising knowing that almost every person on the planet has one!  Okay, okay, not everyone, but you get my drift. I just got my first smartphone a couple of months ago and never really played games on my phone.  Heck, I didn’t even use any of the networking-capable features for at least a week. As I started getting used to my phone, I finally decided to get a game on my phone.  I have been searching for a free/freemium game, since I am “lacking-funds” kind of guy right now. One of the top-rated games on the internet was Puzzle Craft. I thought it would be something like Harvest Moon.  But once I starting playing, it something incredibly different.

Puzzle Craft is a mix of Bejeweled/Candy Crush, match at three puzzle game, with a few Sim City/RPG elements.  The game is a diverse mix of genres, all rolled into one addicting game.  You start off as a camp and you gain coins from taxing your people (you can also use the social network to gain more through ads and/or by paying actual money for virtual money…).  You then are required to collect resources from farming and mining.  This is where the addiction starts to kick in.  The match three puzzles are what kept me going for long periods.  Need more bread and chicken to mine?  Keep farming.  Need more building blocks and iron to build a new building?  Keep mining. Collecting resources to build your camp into a city is the goal of the game.  There are loads of buildings to build and workers to hire in the game.  Oh, did I not mention you can “hire” workers? Hiring workers can help you gain resources faster and more efficiently.  Building certain buildings can bring more workers in and hiring them from the use of more resources or coin.  You can even craft tools to help you mine and farm much longer and faster. Continue reading