(Really) Old Video Game Reviews: WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames!

One of the weirdest games I have ever played, but it was also one of the most fun I ever had on any system.  The quirky and quick gameplay is for those with short attention-spans.  Nintendo brought this game to North American shores on May 26, 2003 and it still stands as one of the best Nintendo Game Boy Advance games ever.



The story follows Wario trying to create a video game empire.  And to do that, Wario recruits his friends to help build games.  Each character has a specific “theme”, where the player has to figure out the instant puzzles.  Using only the directional pads and the A button, the player needs to determine the answer or have the quickest reaction to successfully pass the level.  The game gives you four lives to complete as many levels as possible.  There are eight different characters, each with their own set of games.

The games progressively get harder by becoming faster and giving you less time to solve and complete the puzzle.  There is no goal or finish line; you keep playing until you run out of lives.  Only high scores are the goals in this game and you play to get the most out of each level.  There are multiple modes and mini-games that can be unlocked for you to practice and hone your trigger-happy finger skills.


So simple…right…?

Graphics were quirky, but colorful.  A lot of odd bits were created on the character designs and the mini-games themselves, but this is the game’s personality.  Actually, everything is weird about this game. There would be no other way to design a game that requires the gamer to have ADD/cat-like reflexes to keep up with all the various games.  The sound design is perfectly fit for this outrageous game.  All the 8-bit beeps and boops keep your ears entertained and completes the weird atmosphere the game provides.


So many games….

This game is a must for every Game Boy Advance collection.  The instant action and satisfaction can be great for short breaks or for those long plane rides.  The variety is humongous, even if it only lasts for seconds, the games just keep you entertained for hours on out.  Just like the box art says, “Instant Action!  Infinite Fun!”

Rating: 9.1/10


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