(Really, REALLY) Old Video Game Review: Tetris

Tetris is one of…no, Tetris is THE best puzzle game I have ever played to this day.  C’mon most people still make references to this pop culture icon.  If it wasn’t for this game, there would be no Bejeweled or Super Puzzle Fighter.  This alone created the puzzle genre for video games.  Thank you Alexey Pajitnov for creating this simple, yet hella fun and challenging game.

The original Gameboy version.  Look at that gray scale!

I first played Tetris, all thanks to Nintendo’s smart ass marketeers to bundle Tetris with the original Game Boy.  Because of Nintendo’s sneaky ways, I was hooked on this game for years.  Tetris exists on virtually every game system that came out after Game Boy.  It’s crazy.  This game will never, ever be forgotten because of its simple gameplay.  For those of you are just new to this world or something, all you do is just try to stack each various block, while trying to get rid of lines to create more space.  Each 10 lines you get rid of, the level increases and so does the speed of the falling blocks.  It’s so simple.  I mean there are other puzzle games that have become a bigger icon today, especially online games, but it took more than two, TWO, decades before it to be dethroned as one of the best known puzzlers.

Tetris in color!

So many copycats have spawned since and most of them were crap, while others were good, but just not good enough or just too overshadowed by Tetris.  I see Tetris as not only a childhood memory, but also one of the greatest games to ever come out in history (and many game publishers would agree to that since they put this game in the Top 100 of all time games).

Now with multi-player action!

Who can forget the most famous gaming jingle of all time.  It still goes through my head when I’m trying to solve other gaming puzzles or puzzles in real life.  It is part of my life thanks to wasting hours and days playing as a child.  I should go play it again right now, because this game is still the best.

Rating: 9.6/10


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