(Really, REALLY) Old Game Review: Super Mario World

Super Mario Bros. saved the gaming industry.  It was simple and beautiful.  It was the flagship game of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).  So, once the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) came out, it also needed another Mario game.  It was one of the most beautiful games at that time.  It truly kept the original recipe of Super Mario Bros. intact and then added some ingredients to make it even better.  Think of it this way…the original is a hamburger, a simple recipe anyone can enjoy and Super Mario World is a bacon cheeseburger, it just added so much more to an already great recipe.  Super Mario World is a classic and here’s why.

Super Mario World came out on November 21, 1990.  It was one of THE most anticipated games at that time, because…well…Mario is to gaming as Michael Jordan is to the NBA.  The new ideas implemented in the game were just something everyone wanted to try.

A giant Bullet Bill never stops amazing me.

The main gameplay is still there as you jump on the various baddies, explore each levels for its secrets and beat up big ol’ Bowser.  But now there were a few new additions to playing this game.  First off, Yoshi.  Yoshi is the new addition (as well as a new face to the Mario franchise) and was definitely a fun way to get rid of the bad guy by eating them and turning them into coins.  Plus, Yoshi gets to eat different kind of Koopas (the turtles) and gets a special power. You wanted to keep Yoshi alive forever and tried to find ways to get the secret Yoshis as you run around.

Secondly, the power-ups.  The famous mushroom, fire flower, and the invincible star were still present.  However, two more came into play.  One was the P Balloon, where Mario just became bloated and floated around and was a really useless power-up.  The other one was the best power-up in Mario’s history ever (in my opinion).  Similar to the Racoon Suit in Super Mario Bros. 3, the feather put a cape on Mario and allowed him to fly.  Now, in the 1990s, flying was a rare power because most games couldn’t implement it properly.  Mario on the other hand just made flying a necessity as it was perfectly done.  The power-ups were just great and the level designed made use of all them well.

Thirdly, the Mario experience is…perfect really.  There was so many secret levels and passages to find in Super Mario World.  And when Miyamoto (the man who created Mario) put the word world in Super Mario World, he really meant that.  This game was enormous (that’s what she said) and you could spend hours and hours of your childhood life trying to find every damn secret this game has to offer.  You were hooked the moment you turned your system on and until your mom or your eyes bled from looking at the TV for so damn long.

It’s so colorful…

If you’re too young to ever have played this game before, then wow…this game led to all the other beautiful games you play nowadays.  This game brought platforming and adventure to new heights.  I still have my SNES and this game.  I play this game once in a while to just remind myself on how good this game really is.  Super Mario World is rated to be in the Top 100 games of all time (OF ALL TIME!) by various gaming media outlets.  I seriously recommend you to play this game if you never played it.  Or just play it again if you have.  It keeps childhood memories alive.

Rating: 9.9/10

Awesome wallpaper by Rogelead (deviantART).


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